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A third-party Crown Hookah website, speciliased in Tobacco for Shisha in Australia

What is Crown Tobacco

Crown Tobacco offers a New Solution for Hookah Enthusiasts

No Added Nicotine

Avoide consuming sythentic nicotine found contributing to discomforting symptoms.

Custom Flavours

Custom flavours available upon request 

No Smoker Smell

Crown Tobacco does not stain your clothes, fingers or furniture

No dangerous toxins

No added chemicals or ingredients that increase further health risks

Easy to use

No special training or unusual methods

Reduces Nicotine Addiction

Our low nicotine formula is designed to help cigarette smokers ease off smoking

Hookah News

Want to Stay Up-to-date with trends?

Crown Hookah is devoted to staying up-to-date with the current regulations, trends and news affecting the shisha industry all over the world and shisha Australia.


Have More Questions

You can order Crown Tobacco via our online tobacco shop and pay via bank transfer or PayID.

If you prefer to pay via credit card payment, you can purchase CH Money from here and let us know in the notes or simply contact us what flavours you wish to purchase.

Alternatively, we can manually process your order via our whatsapp live chat

For a detailed guide, please click here.

Unfortunately, tobacco products cannot simply be purchased like normal products on an e-commerce site via normal means or payment processing.

Their is a multitude of factors these payment gateways take into consideration, such as fraud and accidental sale to buyers under the age of 18. 

To get an approval for card payments online via a third party high-risk payment gateway, the process is lengthy and quite expensive.

Crown Hookah is currently working on a solution to make card transactions possible and much more smoother.

You are still exposing yourself to harmful chemicals produced by inhaling a burning substance and an addictive chemical, however Premium Shisha Tobacco such as Crown Tobacco does not have the added chemicals and harmful toxins found in Cigarettes.

You will first need a hookah setup, you can simply visit our main website Crown Hookah and check out our bundles. If you need further assistance you may contact our team via Whatsapp Livechat or via the contact details found here.