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  • Black Mamba – An uncultured blend of dragonfruit and strawberry
  • Blue Lemonade – Refreshing Lemonade with a compliment of Blueberry
  • Frozen Gum – Flavoursome gum with a blast of ice
  • Frozen Grapefruit – Perfect blend of grapefruit with menthol
  • Lemon Haze – An intense taste of citrus lemon with a cooling aromatic breeze.
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Crown Hookah – Crown Tobacco

Introducing Crown Hookah’s exclusive tobacco blend: Crown Tobacco Classic.

The all-new Classic line is made up of a unique Burley blend sourced from high-quality international tobacco farms with a balanced level of nicotine less than both cigarette and dark-leaf shisha tobacco.

With hundreds of taste testers to achieve a unique formula, The Classic was designed to achieve two things:

  1. Help quit smoking with a reduced-level nicotine product compared to high-strength dark-leaf shisha tobacco and cigarette products. 
  2. Produce a classic-mellow kick without the unwanted side effects compared to low-grade tobacco products saturated in chemicals and additives.

Crown Tobacco products are finely chopped for easier and faster packing with increased airflow to endure all the flavour your session can give.

Suitable for any style bowl, heat management device and desired hookah tobacco packing style, our blend ensures a long-lasting taste in your flavours during your shisha sessions of up to 1 to 1.5 hours per 8-15g.


Please note, due to the Tobacco Plain Packaging Regulations in Australia, we cannot display images of the Tobacco flavors sold on premiumshishatobacco.com

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